Passionimo winner of the Maillon d’or

Are there some prizes that are more pleasing than others? We had to see Dr. Lucie Hénault, veterinarian co-owner and founding member, proudly take to the stage to receive, on behalf of the Passionimo Veterinary Family, in front of more than 400 spectators and participants, the Coup de Coeur du Jury award, won at the 2018 Maillon d’Or award ceremony at the Casino de Montréal. The event took place on Monday January, 2018, during the 17th Conseil Québécois de la franchise (CQF) Gala, which highlights the excellency and innovation of local businesses.


Petting your dog makes you feel better. Your cat purrs and soothes your tensions. Your child is thriving from the moment his or her pet arrives home. Every day, your pets do you good, the attachment you develop with them contributes to your balance and well-being. It is the respect of this privileged relationship with our hairy friends that unites this group of passionate independent veterinarians and it is their human values, the basis of Passionimo’s very culture, that have won the heart of the CQF.

Founded three years ago, the Passionimo network of independent veterinarians is in full expansion and already counts 27 veterinary establishments in Quebec.

“The interest and response from members of our profession to this innovative project is beyond our expectations,” said President Dr. Caroline de Jaham. « We founded this network three years ago to promote pet health and enhance the bond shared by humans and animals,” concluded Dr. Caroline de Jaham, President of the Passionimo network. “Being in the winner of the Maillot d’Or confirms our contribution to the quality of life of the animals in our lives…in your lives.”

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