About us


Guided by our passion for small animals, we are a network of dedicated veterinarians. Collectively, we are called Passionimo, with each of our clinics seeking to support and enhance the bond you share with your pet. Your friend’s wellbeing is paramount to us, so our mission is to provide the best care possible. To that end, we will use all our knowledge and expertise to provide you with sound, thoughtful advice. Making sure you enjoy the full benefit of our experience is a key reason for creating this collective network. We are your family veterinarians. 


The “four paws” that represent our values:

  • Priority: your needs and concerns are unique. We’re listening.
  • Professionalism: Passionimo is dedicated to offer quality in its medicine guided by its passion for small animals.
  • Pleasure: our passion for your pet’s health has become our profession.
  • Price: even though your pet’s health is priceless, we know that in reality, this is always a concern. We take care to provide the best value for a fair price. 


The happiness derived from a life spent with a companion that you love is something we share with you. We know that an unbreakable bond develops between human and pet. In our clinics, we see people whose main concern is that their animals, whether they are cats, dogs, birds, or any other small household pet, receive nothing but the best care possible, in a pleasant environment, by qualified and personable staff.

Socially and animally responsible

In Québec, thousands of cats and dogs are left homeless every year. They wander the streets, literally abandoned to their fate, usually a lonely death. We at Passionimo work hard to reduce the number of unwanted animals. We always offer affordable neutering, and we participate in Montreal’s annual “microchip your animal” day. Passionimo also donates funds to organizations devoted to animal wellbeing.