Passionimo is a passion story first

Our story

In 2014, seven Quebec veterinarians partnered and created Passionimo, a local network for Quebec veterinarians.

OUR GOAL: Help independent veterinarians to deal with growing competition and the mass purchase of clinics by big American banners.

OUR PRIORITY: Animal well-being and valuable advice provided to humans.

The vision attracted many professionals from the industry that have since joined Passionimo. Our family keeps growing. Today the network includes up to 30 fully Quebec owned clinics hiring over 450 persons

Our chartered members

Dr Dominique Rouillon


Veterinary Doctor, M.B.A.

Dr Louis Journet


Veterinary Doctor

Dre Lucie Héneault


Veterinary Doctor, M.Sc.

Dr Hugues Lacoste


Veterinary Doctor MS. Dipl. ACVIM (Oncology)

Dre Caroline de Jaham


Veterinary Doctor, M.Sc. Dipl. ACVD (Dermatology)

Dr Michel Gosselin


Veterinary Doctor

Our vision

Become a reference in regards to animal relationship, health and well-being.

We aim to become a distinct brand with clients, veterinarians and animal health technicians.

The development of the Passionimo brand allows us to grow our part of the market and become the choice for clients, whether it is in person or online, when we post good advice.

Therefore, we will keep on growing based on the solid foundation that led to our network and that reflects our brand’s experience; as much for clients as for its members and staff.

Our Mission

Value the joy of a health bond between humans and animal

Guided by our passion for small animals.
We are a network of dedicated veterinarians. Collectively and within each of our clinics seeking to support and enhance the bond you share with your pet. Your friend’s well-being is paramount to us. So our mission is to provide the best care possible.

Day in and day out, our sole purpose is to make them benefit from our expertise.

Our values

Build a trustful relationship with clients

Here are the pillars supporting the clinics’ reputation within the Passionimo network:

Dog - Passionimo

Our promise to our clients

Our values provide a comforting and professional experience. Our client’s loyalty relies on the branding experience of Passionimo, which happens before, during and after their appointment at a clinic. We do everything we can to make them feel trust and peace of mind, which is key to the well-being of owners and pets.

We are committed to embrace the four “Paws” from our mission:

  • Priority: your needs and concerns are unique.
    We’re listening.
  • Professionalism: Passionimo is dedicated to offer quality in its medicine guided by its passion for small animals.
  • Pleasure: our passion for your pet’s health has become our profession.
  • Price: even though your pet’s health is priceless, we know that in reality this is always a concern. We take care to provide the best value for a fair price.

Socially and animally

In Québec, thousands of cats and dogs are left homeless every year. They wander the streets, literally abandoned to their fate, usually a lonely death. We at Passionimo work hard to reduce the number of unwanted animals. We always offer affordable neutering, and we participate in Montreal’s annual “microchip your animal” day. Passionimo also donates funds to organizations devoted to animal well-being.