Be a member of the group Passionimo

Passionimo veterinarians are independent owners of their establishments within the network, and we all share the same passion: the health and wellbeing of animals. Our professionals provide the best care possible and believe in playing an important role in public education. We aim to be a group in which the public can place their confidence. Our veterinarians are members of the Ordre des médecins vétérinaires du Québec and faithfully stand by and uphold its values and its mission.

We recognize the very real bond between human and animal. At our clinics, we see people whose main concern is that their pets receive nothing but the best care possible, in a pleasant environment, by qualified and personable staff. Reliable, intelligent, expert, and caring: the Passionimo brand represent quality service, performed and guaranteed by passionate veterinarians!

When you become Passionimo certified, you stay independent and keep your name, all while enjoying and leveraging the strength of our veterinary network.

Passionimo is a seal of approval ensuring the wellbeing of pets and the coaching of the humans with whom they share their lives. Passionimo is the result of a need within our profession:  building upon the strength and expertise of a group of experienced veterinarians, combined that with intimacy and know-how of the family vet.

The Passionimo network offers a multitude of advantages for veterinarian owners, including collective buying, the creation of strong training programs as well as marketing tools tailored to the size of each establishment. We take care of communicating your message while you take care of what you know and love best: animals and their human companions.

Becoming a certified Passionimo clinic is an investment.  

We are a growing family. Passionimo is certainly big enough to face the competition, yet we take care to keep things human, so that we remain attentive and authentic.

To meet with a Passionimo network representative, contact us today by email (form) and ask for: Dr Lucie Hénault, Dr Caroline de Jaham, Dr Mario Comtois, Dr Michel Gosselin, Dr Louis Journet,  Dr Hugues Lacoste,  Dr Dominique Rouillon. Mr Pedro Lopez, Mrs Natalie Lebrun, Mrs Claudia Wagner, Mrs Marilyne Hébert, Mrs Line Bourbonnais, Dr Isabelle Demontigny-Bédard and Mrs Laurence Santerre.

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