Why choose Passionimo?

We are committed to make a difference.

Passionimo is for passionate and motivated employees.
People who cherish the human-animal bond and who make it

the heart of their practice.

Working at a Passionimo clinic allows you to:

  • work in a tight and family-like team;
  • meet inspiring new challenges;
  • access a unique continuing education program that leads to advance in your career;
  • work in a rewarding, stimulating and respectful environment;
  • Enjoy competitive and attractive conditions and benefits.

The great family


We are proud to have over 450 people in our great family, they are passionate employees who are working in our clinics. They are all proud representative of the brand when they meet the thousands of Quebecers who choose our network as their family veterinarian.

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A one-of-a-kind Network

Passionimo is a growing network of unique and independent veterinary clinics.

We share the love that binds a human to his animal; we are devoted to acknowledge, feed and maintain this unique source of happiness.

Our know-how-to-be and our skills make us professionals.

We are creating our sets of values.

We are socially and animally responsible.

We are passionate, of course!

Being a Passionimo veterinarian

Being a Passionimo animal health technician

Values that set us apart

Our unique training programs with Académie Passionimo

The Passionimo Network acknowledges the importance of learning new skills to grow and improve human resources. Therefore, we encourage our employees to commit to a CE program.

This is what Academie Passionimo offers with its renown continuing education sessions, in person or through an online platform exclusive to its members.
Also, the Académie is a readily accessible source of CE credits for veterinarians and registered technicians.

Passionimo family

We love to spend time together as a family!

All year long, we are planning social activities as well as a memorable gathering to highlight the efforts of all the network’s staff.

we go further

All the members of the Passionimo network play a key role.
they are our utmost pride!

Could this be you?
You share our core values? We would like to meet with you!