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The Île Jésus Veterinary Clinic: Compassion and Dedication

Located in Chomedey, the Île Jésus Veterinary Clinic practices high-quality medicine with cutting-edge expertise. Our 1st goal is to improve and maintain the health of your pet, while providing convenient services such as prescription refill and grooming.

Our patients are our primary concern. Stable and experienced, our team makes every effort to pay you particular attention in a warm and professional setting. Our clinic combines all the services to meet your needs, at competitive price.

We have the tools to manage everything from the simplest to the most complex cases: a laboratory to perform most blood tests promptly on site, as well as X-rays, ultrasound, surgery, dental care, etc. In addition, we also care for exotic pets and provide home visits.

Our spacious kennel can welcome your furry companions. We are always open to talk about your concerns, whether it be alternatives to declawing, recommendations about allergies, or tips to address behaviour problems.

Preventing ticks and fleas is a pet project of ours. We want to help our clients avoid the inconvenience of a scratchy animal infecting their entire home.

We treat your pets as though they were ours in all circumstances. Even in the most difficult times like euthanasia, our team will remain dedicated in its compassion, will respect your decision, and will support you throughout the process.

One of our priorities is to improve our client relationship by adopting a proactive and preventive approach to assess their needs. This means:

  • Follow-ups focussed on prevention (vaccine reminders, deworming, dental scaling, etc.)

  • Dietary recommendations suitable to your pet’s health condition

  • Actions taken with a sustainable development perspective

Want to learn more? Please contact us or come and visit us. We will be happy to welcome you and to answer any questions.



Starting off on the “right paw”

Right now, your puppy or kitten is still very young. Their life has just begun! And like humans, the first few months of life play a huge role in getting them started off right for their future. A check up at your vet means they’ll be starting their life off on the “right paw”, so to speak. And this should be something you follow every year. But of course, that very first examination is very important. First, we should be inserting a microchip, for example, so that you and your pet would always be reunited if they get lost. Next, vaccinations and deworming are highly recommended as preventive medicine at its best. No doubt your vet will also talk to you about neutering, diet and the importance of dental hygiene for your pet.

Whenever you consult your vet, it will always be their pleasure to answer any and all of your questions and provide you with their best advice. After all, animals and their wellbeing are their passion!


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