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Dear Beaucerons: Unparalleled Service for your Pet and you!

Located on 130e Rue in Saint-Georges, in Beauce, our veterinary clinic is known for its warm and welcoming staff. In fact, did you know that our passionate veterinarian-owner, Dr. Sophie Doyon, has been at your service for more than 10 years?

When she is not busy caring for her patients, this good-hearted woman deeply involved in her community can be seen riding her Harley-Davidson on the roads of our beautiful region. She can tell you all about it during your next visit!

Our clinic offers a wide range of services that meet your needs and budget, both for routine check-ups of healthy pets or the care of those suffering from various illnesses.

We believe that prevention is the best tool to maintain the well-being of your companion and save you from hassles, especially with respect to external parasites such as ticks, fleas, and mites. Our preventive care includes a general exam, vaccines, dental care, as well as deworming for puppy, kitten, and hunting felines worms.

If your pet needs medical treatment for allergies, a prescription refill, or admission in our kennel to treat diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, or a serious injury; we have the expertise and capability to make a diagnosis.

We can run various tests in our clinic, and analyze the results immediately to intervene as fast as possible, if the situation warrants it. We use anesthetics for treatments like neutering or search for swallowed foreign objects.

Does your pet seem incapable of maintaining a healthy weight? We will reveal all our secrets to achieve it. Leave the evaluation in our hands, and we will find the best food to suit your companion.

We also urge you to come in for a regular weighing, so that we can take action rapidly if your pet’s weigh is inadequate. This service is offered free of charge simply because your pet’s health is very dear to our team.

Come and meet our team and see for yourself how the well-being of your pet is a priority for us.



Starting off on the “right paw”

Right now, your puppy or kitten is still very young. Their life has just begun! And like humans, the first few months of life play a huge role in getting them started off right for their future. A check up at your vet means they’ll be starting their life off on the “right paw”, so to speak. And this should be something you follow every year. But of course, that very first examination is very important. First, we should be inserting a microchip, for example, so that you and your pet would always be reunited if they get lost. Next, vaccinations and deworming are highly recommended as preventive medicine at its best. No doubt your vet will also talk to you about neutering, diet and the importance of dental hygiene for your pet.

Whenever you consult your vet, it will always be their pleasure to answer any and all of your questions and provide you with their best advice. After all, animals and their wellbeing are their passion!


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Clinique Vétérinaire de
St-Georges Section
Petits Animaux (2011) Inc

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