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Our new clinic in Beauport in September

Dr. Maude Imbeault

Devoted Teams, Healthy Pets!  

The teams of the Frontenac Veterinary Group are happy to welcome you in Sainte-Foy and Beauport.  
Devoted, energetic, and always attentive to our clients and patients, our teams are a proud reflection of our veterinarian-owner, Dr. Maude Imbeault (affectionately known as Dr. Maude).
Your pets have no secret for us! As such, we can address your concerns, whether they be about allergies, vaccines, neutering, illnesses, parasites (fleas, ticks, or worms), or nutrition.
We offer you simple, individualized, and efficient solutions at a fair price. We treat your cats and dogs as though they were our own. We focus on prevention to ensure a long, healthy, and happy life for your furry companion. We are attentive to your needs and can give you all the information you need on alternatives to cat declawing.
The well-being of your pet is so very important to us. Please come and visit us soon. Our thoughtful and highly competent team will be very happy to welcome you!


Starting off on the “right paw”

Right now, your puppy or kitten is still very young. Their life has just begun! And like humans, the first few months of life play a huge role in getting them started off right for their future. A check up at your vet means they’ll be starting their life off on the “right paw”, so to speak. And this should be something you follow every year. But of course, that very first examination is very important. First, we should be inserting a microchip, for example, so that you and your pet would always be reunited if they get lost. Next, vaccinations and deworming are highly recommended as preventive medicine at its best. No doubt your vet will also talk to you about neutering, diet and the importance of dental hygiene for your pet.

Whenever you consult your vet, it will always be their pleasure to answer any and all of your questions and provide you with their best advice. After all, animals and their wellbeing are their passion!


Our Team

Dre Maude Imbeault

Dre Maude Imbeault

Veterinarian and owner

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Clinique Vétérinaire
Frontenac (Groupe Vet. Frontenac Inc.)

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