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Journet Veterinary Hospital: Serving our Community since 1962


At Journet Veterinary Hospital, we are deeply committed to ensuring the health and well-being of your cat or dog.


Located at the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal since 1962, and now in our new premises right on Mont-Royal Avenue, our spacious clinic offers a full range of services for your pets: general and dental care; laser surgery; digital X-rays; preventive care for allergies and parasites (ticks, fleas, etc.); ultrasound; laboratory tests; vaccination; and much more.


We also offer walk-in clinic services for medical consultations and emergencies. The clinic is also easily accessible by public transportation due to its central location on the Plateau. As established members of the borough for decades, we are very involved in our community and expect to remain a proudly local organization.


Leaving your home for a few days and anxious to make sure that your cat will be well-fed and pampered in your absence? Our boarding kennel is just what you need! We can also administer the medicine your dog or cat needs while you are away. You can leave your pet in our care with complete peace of mind. We also urge you to visit our beautiful and spacious store where you will find everything you need for your pet—food, treats, and more—at a fair price.


In an effort to always serve you better, we also offer specialized services such as:

·       Shearing and grooming to tame the wildest fur

·       Microchipping so that you may be located should your pet wander

·       Delivery of health certificates, required by many countries for visitors travelling with pets

·       Application of soft paws: an interesting alternative to declawing which protects your furniture and floors while giving your cat a rather stylish look!


Finally, despite all the love we feel for our pets, if illness strikes and your pet suffers with no treatment available and euthanasia becomes an option to consider, rest assured that we will do our outmost to support you through this difficult time.


Call us today or simply come by the walk-in clinic: your veterinary clinic.



Starting off on the “right paw”

Right now, your puppy or kitten is still very young. Their life has just begun! And like humans, the first few months of life play a huge role in getting them started off right for their future. A check up at your vet means they’ll be starting their life off on the “right paw”, so to speak. And this should be something you follow every year. But of course, that very first examination is very important. First, we should be inserting a microchip, for example, so that you and your pet would always be reunited if they get lost. Next, vaccinations and deworming are highly recommended as preventive medicine at its best. No doubt your vet will also talk to you about neutering, diet and the importance of dental hygiene for your pet.

Whenever you consult your vet, it will always be their pleasure to answer any and all of your questions and provide you with their best advice. After all, animals and their wellbeing are their passion!


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