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Welcome to the Le Gardeur Veterinary Hospital, near Repentigny

Providing the best care possible and improving the comfort of our patients while valuing the special bond between pet and owner: that is the mission of the Le Gardeur Veterinary Hospital in Repentigny. This is carried out through an exemplary customer service in the warmest atmosphere possible.

It’s important for us that our clients feel like we take to heart the well-being of their pets. We are passionate about what we do—something even our mascot Kermitt, a 25-year-old yellow-naped amazon parrot, will tell you! Come and meet her! She was named 2017 Best Mascot by the Association des médecins vétérinaires du Québec.

Our greatest strength? Continuing education! We keep abreast of the latest trends and focus on prevention. Vaccines, deworming for parasites such as ticks, fleas, and worms, advice on diet, neutering, etc.: we are ready to answer your questions and to discuss alternatives to cat declawing.

We are specially trained to keep your pet in the best of health for as long as possible. We also provide much-valued grooming services.

In case of illness or an emergency, our clinic is open 7 days a week. We also perform surgeries and can treat more severe illnesses and chronic diseases like allergies.

You will always find a competent member of our team available to take care of you and your pet fast. We also provide care for exotic pets such as ferrets, bunnies, birds, and reptiles.

To foster a strong bond between your pet and you, various behavioural services are available to you at a reasonable rate:

Initiation to canine behaviour

Dog kindergarten (in-house or at home)

Behaviour consultations (in-house or at home)

Positive reinforcement techniques

Behavioural therapy

Desensitization to nail trimming



Starting off on the “right paw”

Right now, your puppy or kitten is still very young. Their life has just begun! And like humans, the first few months of life play a huge role in getting them started off right for their future. A check up at your vet means they’ll be starting their life off on the “right paw”, so to speak. And this should be something you follow every year. But of course, that very first examination is very important. First, we should be inserting a microchip, for example, so that you and your pet would always be reunited if they get lost. Next, vaccinations and deworming are highly recommended as preventive medicine at its best. No doubt your vet will also talk to you about neutering, diet and the importance of dental hygiene for your pet.

Whenever you consult your vet, it will always be their pleasure to answer any and all of your questions and provide you with their best advice. After all, animals and their wellbeing are their passion!


Our Team

Dre Lucie Hénault

Dre Lucie Hénault


Dre Évelyne Joubert

Dre Évelyne Joubert


Tips from our experts


Social integration

Our team is proud to train many interns every year in their profession. We also help one person to get a second chance in life through our reinsertion program.

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