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Clinique Vétérinaire de Rimouski Inc.

For the love of your pet

Since 2009, the Clinique Vétérinaire de Rimouski offers you care for your little companions. Our passion and love for animals drives us to surpass ourselves and to follow the evolution of veterinary medicine. In addition, we use modern equipment and techniques such as laser surgery and digital radiography.

The whole team of the Clinique Vétérinaire de Rimouski must get involved and always improve in order to provide care adapted to the needs of its clientele. Dedication, compassion and rigour allow the company to pursue its mission: unparalleled service for your pet.

Looking for a job in the veterinary field?

We invite you to consult our job offers at the bottom of the page and watch the video to learn more about our clinic and our great team.

Clinique Vétérinaire de Rimouski Inc.

Important informations

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Please note that special measures are still in effect in our establishment in order to comply with government recommendations.

A dedicated team

  • Do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian. He will always be happy to answer all your questions and share his best advice with you. He also makes sure to do the examinations of routines that could improve the quality of life of your companion over the years. Depending on their breed, certain conditions may require more follow-up. And remember that between him and your companion, a relationship of trust has developed over time. Each visit is an opportunity to update their file, as your friend’s needs change over time.
  • We treat exotic animals such as rabbits, rodents, reptiles and birds!
  • In collaboration with Dr. Angelo Gauthier, we are able to treat more complex joint conditions such as cruciate ligament tears, patella dislocation, fractures, osteochondritis (OCD) and hip abnormalities (requiring arthroplasty).
  • When you consult your veterinarian, he will always be happy to answer all your questions and give you his best advice. That’s his passion!

Please contact us for more information.
We look forward to meeting you and your pet!

Meet our team


Dre Kathleen Vatcher

Dre Kathleen Vatcher

Veterinary Doctor Owner

Animal Health Technician

Marie-France Rioux

Marie-France Rioux

Animal Health Technician


Maggy Lemieux-Harvey

Animal Health Technician


Stéphanie Roussel-Lapointe

Animal Health Technician


Your pet’s oral hygiene repulses you? Discuss it with your veterinary team to act promptly and prevent dental issues and diseases.

Nobody wants to see their beloved pet under parasite attack! Your veterinary team can give you advice that is tailored to meet your pet’s specific needs.

Nobody wants to lose their pet! Microchipping remains the best way to permanently identify your animal.

Neutering plays an important role in your pet's health and well-being, especially in terms of behaviour.

Nutrition is a crucial element of your animal’s health, and your veterinary team is the best resource to have specific advice when it comes to feeding your animal.

A simple injection that can protect your pet against many diseases. Easy and effective.


Clinique Vétérinaire de Rimouski Inc.

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Please note that the mask is mandatory for visits inside the establishment.