How old is your pet in human years?

Thanks to your generosity, the Passionimo network of veterinarians surpassed its fundraising goal in its 2nd
year of participation and raised $27,000 for the MIRA Foundation! Since 2016, our 25 clinics have raised nearly
$50,000 for the Foundation.
A huge thank you to everyone who encouraged us by buying reusable cups and bags during the fundraiser,
and by visiting us on November 6th at the Place des Festivals during La journée qui a du chien, organized by V.
This commitment is integral to promote the joys of the human-animal relationship and supports our guiding
principle of being socially and animally responsible; 2 elements perfectly aligned with the objectives of the
MIRA Foundation.
Did you know that…

  • Since its creation in 1981, MIRA has given away over 3,000 guide and service dogs, which it cares for all
  • their lives.
  • The cost of a guide or service dog represents an investment of $30,000.
  • Two years of training are required before a MIRA dog can be given to individuals with visual or motor
  • disabilities, and to children presenting an autism spectrum disorder.
  • MIRA trains 200 new dogs a year but aims to grow this number since there currently is an 18-month
  • waiting list.
  • In addition to training, MIRA provides recipients with accommodation during the 2-week to 1-month
  • training period.
  • MIRA does not receive any government subsidy and is self-financed solely by donations from the
  • general public and revenues from various fundraising activities.
  • ANIMA-Québec, the reference regarding animal welfare, has certified MIRA for its breeding and care
  • centers.