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Passionimo winner of the Maillon d'or

Dr. Lucie Hénault and Dr. Caroline de Jaham with the trophy

De nombreux vétérinaires propriétaires indépendants et l'équipe dévouée du bureau des services

Passionimo, winner of the Maillon d’Or award

We are extraordinarily proud to announce that our network of family veterinarians is in the winner for a Maillon d’Or "Coup de Coeur" awarded by the Conseil québécois de la franchise (Quebec Franchise Council). A showcase for excellence and innovation, this distinction is one of the most prestigious in its field.
The honor is shared collectively by our 27 member establishments. It confirms the importance of pursuing our collaborative mission so that clinics like ours remain the property of Quebec veterinarians rather than falling into the hands of outside investors. All this to continue offering quality medical care guided by the passion for animals that we have in common with you and numerous valuable partners.
Take, for instance, Trois fois par jour’s Marilou, MIRA, and many others with whom we have chosen to join forces. They care deeply about our mission and helps us pursue it with professionalism, discipline, and joy.
Moreover, we are currently investing in communications and online training tools in an ongoing effort to broaden our knowledge and improve customer care to better meet your needs and concerns. These tools will benefit you, your pets, and all our members.
« We founded this network three years ago to promote pet health and enhance the bond shared by humans and animals,” concluded Dr. Caroline de Jaham, President of the Passionimo network. “Being in the winner of the Maillot d’Or confirms our contribution to the quality of life of the animals in our lives…in your lives.” The awards ceremony took place during the 17th Maillon d’Or gala on January 22, 2018, at the Montreal Casino.
Do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our 27 member establishments for more information: