Socialization kit for puppies

In collaboration with Merck, we have developed a socialization kit for puppies that you can get when you visit a Passionimo veterinary clinic for a puppy examination. Socialization is the gradual presentation of various positive experiences to prepare your puppy for a happy life. The kit provides you with simple but effective advice to make sure that this important life stage is a success. Among other tools, there is a weekly planner to register all the milestones in the puppy’s life, and a download of significant sounds for you to introduce.


Help your puppy to develop using the sounds of life!

You can download the list of sounds to help your puppy become familiar with various noises that they will come across, and therefore be ready for a happy life by your side.


First, play the sounds at very low volume. Then raise the volume a little more every time you play them, making sure that you never go above the level that is well tolerated by the puppy. While listening to the sounds, play with your dog and give them rewards to make sure that they associate the sounds with a positive experience. They must have the freedom to move away from the sounds if they feel like it. Don’t leave the animal alone when the sounds are on. Play them every day until the puppy tolerates them well at an acceptable volume for human ears. Then play the list about once a week until the puppy reaches 1 year old.

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