Courses and training

Courses and training to help you better understand your dog

What used to be called simply “obedience school”, dog training has greatly evolved over the last twenty or thirty years. Acquired knowledge has helped us better understand dog behaviour. For example, we now know a lot more about their learning capabilities, their perceptions and their emotions.

Courses and training sessions organized by your veterinary clinic or hospital will allow you to enhance your own knowledge about your dog’s universe. This will probably give you a new perspective on some of your dog’s behaviour patterns, which will help you develop an even greater bond. It’s true your pet is not human, however, their reality is often quite similar to ours. For instance, they too can get stressed or develop phobias.

As your relationship develops, your dog can be your baby, is your friend, and is certainly your confidante. When you look at it this way, should you constantly be seeking ways to take the lead, so to speak? This subject, and others, is examined during training courses.

“Old school” ideas say that dogs, like wolves, are pack animals that naturally follow a hierarchy, one that puts them in last place in your home, after the youngest child in the family. Today, this hierarchy breakdown is not considered absolute when it comes to training.

Courses have been developed according to the most recent scientific knowledge gathered regarding animal behaviour. The courses focus on developing a bond based on confidence, between you and your pet, and are adapted to dog communication. You’ll learn how to avoid pitfalls and to let your dog evolve swiftly and with confidence. We are eager to share this knowledge with you. Ask your vet if you’d like to know more.

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