Pet grooming has nothing to do with mere vanity. It’s a question of hygiene.

Grooming is important for both wild and domesticated animals. Watch any animal documentary and you’ll notice that this is a daily ritual, even in the undersea world! In groups, monkeys help groom each other to get rid of parasites and such and will even go so far as to comb their companions’ and family members’ hair with their nails.

For your pet, you are their family. They depend on you for food and they also depend on you for health, comfort and even, to a certain extent, their personal hygiene. This is why, for example, brushing your pet’s teeth is highly recommended, particularly if you have a dog.

When it comes to grooming your pet, you might not have a lot of time, or you might need help. Or perhaps you’ve noticed some stubborn knots in your pet’s coat, knots that are a little too hard to untangle with brushing alone.

At your veterinary clinic or hospital, an employee will be more than happy to take charge of your pet’s hygiene! The grooming service includes a brushing of your pet’s coat, removing knots, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. 

A well-groomed and happy cat or dog will be back home in no time!

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