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The vitality of adulthood

The vitality of adulthood

When they are fully grown, your pet is at their peak. They are still as playful as they were when they were younger, but they have the strength of adulthood. They are energetic, with a fully developed personality and behaviour that you’ve come to know well. Of course, you still take their health and wellbeing very much to heart, and you want them to live happily for a long time… and in terms of behaviour, they’ve certainly developed their own little quirks and eccentricities!

Don’t hesitate to consult your vet. It will be their pleasure to answer your questions and share their knowledge and advice. Your vet will also make sure your companion gets routine check ups that can increase their quality of life as they mature and evolve. Depending on the breed, it is possible that some conditions require a little more follow up. And remember that a bond also forms between your pet and your vet. Each visit is an opportunity to update their file, because your pet’s needs change over time.

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