Internal medicine

Internal medicine for complex disorders

Just like humans, your pet is a complicated living being. Demands are constantly being made on its muscles, brain and organs. Its endocrine system produces hormones. The immune system protects it from viruses and bacteria. Your pet eats, acts, learns… and lives!

Of course, because of this complexity, your pet can also be besieged by a wide variety of disorders. Some will be benign and others more serious. However, it is possible to treat many of them and in almost all cases, to relieve any potential suffering so that you companion enjoys an extremely pleasant life with you.

Internal medicine and cardiology allow us to diagnose and treat complex disorders related to different bodily systems:  digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, hematopoietic (blood), nervous, or endocrine (glands). Your veterinarian can, in most cases, intervene to help your pet.

If, after performing a diagnostic exam, your vet believes that your pet’s condition requires additional expertise, they will refer you to a colleague specializing in internal medicine or cardiologie. Specialists have nine years of university training in the required discipline when your companion requires extra care.

Your pet will be in good hands. 

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