Acupuncture: a proven method

A therapeutic approach used as a complement to traditional veterinary medicine, acupuncture can be effective when treating difficult cases. It is particularly useful for problems linked to mobility, and to temporarily ease pain. We also use if for other health problems; liver for example, or vision or skin problems. What’s more, acupuncture is used for digestive issues, cancer and autoimmune illnesses.

Acupuncture, like other “alternative medicines”, takes a holistic approach to healing, meaning the overall state of the animal, rather the specific problem itself.

What are acupuncture sessions like and how long do they last? In general, they last between twenty-five minutes to an hour. Results may not always be immediate but often total relief can result from just one session. Of course, this all depends on various factors.

Ask your vet if acupuncture is offered at their clinic, or if they can recommend a colleague. After all, the wellbeing of your pet is what counts!

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