How has your pet been behaving?

Like humans, cats and dogs go through different things at different stages of their lives. Did you know, for instance, that they can also feel stress?

Just like kids, they go from childhood to adulthood and the transition can be a difficult one to understand and even accept. Unfortunately, some people often throw in the towel in frustration and resignation and give their pets up for adoption if they see only disadvantages to the relationship.

Why not be a step ahead of problems?

Your veterinarian, and the veterinary team, are a treasure chest filled with information; why not reach out to them! With their knowledge and field experience they are best suited to providing you with information about normal behaviours, and making sure that you have all the tools to meet the various needs of your pet. You can detect the first signs of possible issues in your pet. This will act as guidelines when you plan to expand your family. Preparation can help prevent hardship later.

When what’s really needed in this type of situation is merely a second chance.

Your pet’s well-being (as well as your own) is essential if you are to enjoy your lives together. So, don’t be too easily discouraged if their behaviour becomes a source of tension or irritation. A professional can help you find a way to understand your pet and even help your pet understand you better so that eventually, you’ll both enjoy a fresh start together. Your vet’s expertise and experience in animal psychology can guide you.

“Accidents” such as urinating (or worse) in inappropriate areas or obsessive habits are indicators of stress in your pet, whether it’s a cat, dog, or even a parrot. Weaning, hereditary predisposition, living environment, training, history, and many other factors that can seem insignificant, all can affect behaviour. Whatever the case, your vet remains your best ally and guide. Your vet’s passion for the well-being of all animals as well as the relationship that exists between animal and human are at the very heart of the profession.

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