Superior support to manage problematic behaviour.

Your dog barks when people walk by? Votre chat fait parfois ses besoins hors de la litière ? (EN) Is it normal?

These are good reasons to make an appointment with your veterinary team. They can assess your companion and ask you questions to figure out how to solve the issue. If the behaviour is normal for your pet but unpleasant to you, there may be simple ways to shift your approach to the situation. In some cases, your veterinary team may suggest a proper trainer that can help you.

If your pet tends to overreact in some situations, or seems to “lose it,” there is a chance they suffer from a mental illness. Just like in humans, the brain of a dog or cat can be affected by an unbalance in the neurotransmitter, which could lead to abnormal behaviours. In such a case, your veterinarian may suggest medication and behaviour therapy to help modify your pet’s response to specific situations. They could also refer you to a veterinarian specialized in animal behaviour (yes, a little like a psychiatrist) if the mental illness seems more complex and difficult to manage. In other words, when your pet’s behaviour worries you, reach out to the professional that is trained to take care of your animal’s health: your veterinarian. Your Passionimo veterinary team wants to work with you. Comme “bon parent” de votre compagnon, vous faites partie de la solution! (EN)

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