Behaviour modification

Beyond simple training

Behaviour therapy changes the emotional response of an animal when confronted with a stimulus. For instance, if you walk with your dog on a leash and they tend to freeze, stiffen, and bark at the sight of a stranger. This is a sign of possible discomfort from your dog. The behaviour therapy will focus on teaching your companion that the people they see on a walk are not dangerous, it is not necessary to be on alert, and that being calm is much better. To do this, optimal communication should be developed between you and your dog. You can offer something that your dog likes when you see strangers. In the beginning you will have to teach your dog the appropriate behaviour in a no-stress environment before attempting them in targeted situations. The same principle applies to a wide range of situations with dogs and cats. Your Passionimo veterinary team will be able to accompany you directly or refer you to trusted canine educators or a behavioural veterinarian in order to establish the appropriate behavioural therapy for the context and for your companion.

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