In every Passionimo clinic, you have a shopping area that offers you a unique space where you can find everything that is necessary for your companion.

With a wide selection of diets and accessories, as well as tailored tips by our on-site team, our boutiques are designed to make your shopping experience easy and dynamic.

Having your pet’s medical file and health condition report on hand, the Passionimo team can recommend the best products for your animal.

You can have your concerns addressed in a warm and friendly environment. Having the boutique attached to the veterinary clinic allows for easy and prompt advice.

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At home

It is possible for your companion to live his last moments in the comfort of his home.


A simple injection that can protect your pet against many diseases. Easy and effective.


Nobody wants to see their beloved pet under parasite attack! Your veterinary team can give you advice that is tailored to meet your pet’s specific needs.


Neutering plays an important role in your pet's health and well-being, especially in terms of behaviour.


Nutrition is a crucial element of your animal’s health, and your veterinary team is the best resource to have specific advice when it comes to feeding your animal.

Dental care

Your pet’s oral hygiene repulses you? Discuss it with your veterinary team to act promptly and prevent dental issues and diseases.


Nobody wants to lose their pet! Microchipping remains the best way to permanently identify your animal.

Complementary care

Certain therapies can help your animal deal with chronic pain or aid recovery from a trauma or surgery.