Microchips may be tiny, but they make a big difference!

No doubt you already know about microchips. No bigger than a grain of rice, your vet can insert one under your pet’s skin, right at the shoulder blades. And the helpful information it contains totally belies the microchip's micro size! Hypoallergenic, the microchip contains a unique identification number that’s linked to a database.

But rest assured, your pet is not just a number! This chip contains crucial information, including your contact information. If your pet is lost, you can be contacted right away! This also means it’s so important to keep your information up to date, so if you ever move, make sure to put this on the moving checklist as well.

The microchip is virtual ID, an efficient and secure way to find lost pets. When someone finds your pet and takes them to a shelter or veterinary clinic, an electronic sweep is routinely done to detect if the pet has a microchip. Then you’re just a phone call away!

Please remember that in most cities in Québec, lost dogs are only kept in shelters for up to three days. After that, we look to adoption. Have you given any thought to how you’d find your pet if they got lost? Get a little peace of mind: talk to your vet about a microchip.

PLEASE NOTE: The microchip placed under the skin is not a tracking device and will therefore not enable you to locate your pet at any time. Sadly, this is a myth!

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