Social commitment

We are socially and animally responsible

Members of the Passionimo Family extend their passion for pets beyond the clinic walls. Our Passionimo clinics play a role in reducing homeless dogs and cats. Among other things, they offer affordable neutering. They also support organizations promoting animal well-being and a privileged
human-animal bond.


Since being founded in 2014, Passionimo has continually contributed to many causes promoting animal welfare.

La journée qui a du chien

Since 2015, November is home to the annual Journée qui a du chien, a V Media Group with all profits going to the MIRA foundation. On that day, many shows focus on MIRA to teach viewers about what they do, and their role with children with ASD, and people affected by physical and visual disabilities. Passionimo supports the event by raising tens of thousands of dollars in donations throughout the years. For example, we are selling reusable bags and cups.

DMV Foundation

The DMV Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide financial assistance to owners of animals treated at the DMV Veterinary Center for emergency care, or referred by their regular veterinarian for specialized care and who can no longer afford the cost of the undertaken treatments. The help provided contributes to the welfare of the animals and aims to return them to their regular veterinarian for the continuity of their care.

Café Beagle

Café Beagle, association étudiante de médecine vétérinaire au Québec

Passionimo is proud to support future veterinarians. Sponsoring Café Beagle, and the association étudiante de médecine vétérinaire au Québec, is part of our core value of community spirit. Free coffee and other donations to students and guests were provided to the St-Hyacinthe campus.

Anima Québec

Animal Welfare Event – Anima-Quebec

Annual event fundraising for three organizations working to improve animal welfare in Quebec and with whom Passionimo is proud to support as a sponsor.

Microchipping Day in Montréal

Every year, Passionimo signs up for Microchipping Day in Montreal. On that day they offer low-cost microchipping to Montreal dogs and cats owners carrying an animal licence.

Animo pour la vie

Animo pour la vie

Passionimo is proud to support the Animo pour la vie Foundation. The Foundation provides financial aid to families in need when expensive veterinary care is essential to their pet’s survival.
We help by covering a portion of the cost of treatment in order to save the animal’s life.

Fondation Aide Vétérinaire Internationale

Fondation Aide Vétérinaire Internationale - FAVI

Passionimo support the Foundation by providing clinics and veterinary teams with surgical hats branded with the FAVI logo.

Social commitment

Neutering Day

On a regular basis our clinics hold Neutering Days throughout the province of Quebec.