Moving? Get your dog ready! THE CHEAT SHEET

Dr. Marie Lamontagne, veterinarian, helps you make the experience of moving easier for your dog.

Moving? Get your dog ready!

You’ll be moving in just a few weeks or months. Your dog can already feel something happening in your home: you’re packing boxes, there’s a lot of coming and going, and there’s a sense of anxiety in the air. This can be a major source of stress for animals, as their environment is constantly disrupted and they don’t understand why. Your dog’s sense of security is based on your presence and their ability to understand that you are in control through your facial expressions and attitude. Your dog will follow you wherever you go.

What to do (or not do) and where to start? Here are a few tips put together by Dr. Marie Lamontagne, owner of Hôpital vétérinaire Mont Saint-Hilaire. You’ll find a list of items you may not always think of, but may nonetheless help your dog adapt to their new environment. 

Click on this link to download your free checklist: “Getting your dog ready for your move” 

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