Dr. Isabelle Demontigny-Bédard, Veterinarian specializing in Behavioral Medicine

Why This is Important

Scientific studies have shown that some dogs have more trouble staying home without their owners than others. Even when they’re puppies, some will be excessively loud, have a hard time relaxing and even become destructive. This behaviour can be a normal level of activity for a puppy or the result of an lack of chew toys. On the other hand, this behaviour may persist over the long term in some dogs. It is thus important to ensure that your young pet behaves itself when you are not around.

How to Do This

A cage can be a useful tool to limit messes made by a puppy and to teach where and when they can relieve themselves. Before leaving them alone in a cage, it is important to help them get used to it and associate it positively with things such as food, toys or snacks in your company.

Leaving your puppy alone at home for short periods and setting up a camera before leaving them alone for the work day will allow you to see how they are behaving when you are away and to monitor their stress levels.

Potential Complications

If your puppy isn’t able to relax when you are not around, this may be caused by separation anxiety. If this is the case, the problem should be treated as quickly as possible. Your veterinarian can help you choose the option best suited to your pet.

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