Can acupuncture provide relief for your dog or cat? Dr. Anne Claude Martin explains why and how it can be effective.

Acupuncture, an effective treatment for your pet

Acupuncture became part of traditional Chinese medicine 3,000 years ago. Over the centuries, it has proven its effectiveness in humans and increasingly, we are seeing how much it can help animals. Dr. Anne Claude Martin, vet at the Carrefour Santé Veterinary Clinic in Joliette, has integrated acupuncture into her practise while, of course, continuing to use western medicine. “We can use it for all health problems. I like to combine western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine, using the best of both.”

If you’ve noticed that your pet is experiencing some discomfort, or if your dog, for example, has problems with osteoarthritis, acupuncture is an efficient and recognized technique that can ease pain. However, we aren’t as aware of the use of acupuncture for other health problems. Liver problems, for instance… or vision or skin issues. Dr. Martin continues: “In fact, acupuncture has its applications in all aspects of medicine.”

What are acupuncture sessions like? How long do they last? In general, most sessions last between twenty-five minutes to an hour. “Animals are usually quite cooperative. That small prickling sensation doesn’t bother them. And unlike humans, they have no fear of needles! When a client comes in with their pet, everyone relaxes. We insert the needles and we let them do their job,” reassures Dr. Martin.

In some cases, Dr. Martin uses electro acupuncture. According to Dr. Martin, the small, electrical pulses are very effective and allow the needles to work faster. And wherever there is muscle tension, electro acupuncture treatment is particularly effective.

Results aren’t always immediate, but complete relief is often possible after one session. Of course, this depends on many factors.

Ask your vet if acupuncture is available at their clinic. Or, they may recommend a colleague. After all, your pet’s wellbeing is what counts!

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