QUIZ: Does your dog suffer from motion sickness?

Does your dog hate car rides? Veterinarian Isabelle Demontigny-Bédard has a few tips on how to make car rides much more pleasant.

Does your dog suffer from motion sickness?

Many dogs love car rides. They don’t need to be told to hop into the backseat. They love to travel. As soon as you lower the window, they stick their snout through the opening. Yet some dogs drool excessively, vomit or have diarrhea when put through this “ordeal.” Does this sound like your dog? Does your pet yawn or lick their lips frequently during car rides? Do they shake or go rigid?  Maybe they simply can’t sit still?

If so, Dr. Isabelle Demontigny-Bédard, a veterinarian specializing in animal behaviour at the DMV veterinary centre, believes your dog may suffer from motion sickness or anxiety. “Try not to feed your dog a few hours before travelling,” she suggests. “That may be enough to reduce the effects of motion sickness.”

Are there other options available if this doesn’t work? Absolutely. Book an appointment with your veterinarian soon to discuss the issue. They can help you find ways to make car rides more enjoyable for your dog.

It’s important to pay attention to your dog’s behaviour. If it changes in any way or causes you worry, your vet and their team may also draw up an action plan based on your needs and those of your pet.

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Does your dog drool, vomit or have diarrhea during car rides?

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Does your dog yawn or lick their lips frequently during car rides?

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Does your dog become tense, shake or go rigid during car rides?

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Does your dog constantly move around during car rides?

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