Quiz: Is your cat aggressive?

Does your cat seem abnormally aggressive? Veterinarian Isabelle Demontigny-Bédard addresses the issue and provides a few tips.

Is your cat aggressive?

A cat’s retractable claws are weapons they use to attack their prey and defend themselves against predators. However, if your cat spits or scratches without reason, growls, snarls, chases one of your other pets or any cats they meet outside, or attacks humans, you may have some questions. Should you be worried? 

“As soon as your cat exhibits this type of behaviour,” says Dr. Isabelle Montigny-Bédard, a veterinarian specialising in animal behaviour at the DMV veterinary centre, “put a stop to it and walk away so you don’t get bit or hurt.” She cautions that aggressive behaviour can also be part of a cat’s normal communication process. If that’s why your cat is being aggressive, it’s important not to punish them as this will just exacerbate the problem.

In other cases, aggressive behaviour may be a sign of illness. Anxiety, for example, is often at the root of aggressive behaviour in cats. Pain or discomfort may also cause this kind of behaviour.

Your best source of information is your veterinarian, so be sure to book an appointment soon to discuss the issue. Your vet and their team may also draw up an action plan based on your needs and those of your pet. 

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Does your cat spit or scratch in certain situations?

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2. Does your cat growl or snarl in certain situations?

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Does your cat chase any of your other cats at home?

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Does your cat chase other cats they meet outside?

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Does your cat chase people?

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Has your cat ever bitten someone or another cat?

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