Thinking about adopting a cat? Before adopting a cat, it’s important to know what to expect. Dr. Mélanie Mireault, veterinary doctor, gives you professional advice on the subject.

Cats have a reputation for being very independent. You’ll also hear people say that cats can stay alone in the house for days at a time. In fact, there are a lot of things people say about cats: “They don’t need to be trained”, “They train and clean themselves”, and “They don’t need to be on a leash”, among others. They are beautiful, graceful and can be very endearing. However, they are also complex beings, and we should remember that not all cats are the same. Needs and behaviour vary according to breed and environment, but also to their humans.

Shelters are overloaded with adult cats waiting to find a forever home. Therefore, considering a visit to the shelter is a great option when you plan to adopt your next feline. In addition, an adult cat is usually less expensive because it has already been operated on. But if you do choose a kitten, you will have the pleasure of seeing it grow up. She may adapt easily to a new environment… quickly learning to recognize the familiar sounds of your home, getting to know family members, visitors… the usual comings and goings. And make no mistake, cats take in everything… and “take notes”.

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