Launching our brand-new website

Whether you own a pet or are simply an animal lover, we hope you will enjoy its many new features.

After months of work, the Passionimo team is proud to unveil its brand-new website!

More tips and tricks

We have listened closely to our community and have designed our new website to better meet your expectations. We have enhanced the “Tips and Tricks” section with a greater variety of articles that provide helpful advice on issues you may encounter with your beloved pets.

New visuals

The website’s visuals have been thoroughly updated and streamlined so as to reflect the image of our extensive and wonderful Passionimo family, while highlighting the deep relationship that unites people to their pets.

An enriched experience

In addition to being accessible on all devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.), our site gives you faster access to the information you need. Whether your family pet is a dog, a cat or other small animal, you can simply click on the relevant section of the website and find a wealth of valuable advice. We have also categorized the services offered in our veterinary clinics so as to facilitate your search.

We hope you like our new website. Enjoy discovering all its enhanced features!