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A forever friend

Your companion is important to you; they are much more than an animal, they are a family member. They will be by your side through various stages of your life. They will be part of celebrations and festivities, and even move house with you. With good tips, you can make sure that you both have a good time by reducing stress for you both.

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Implement changes in the routine of your pet to make sure that they adapt gradually to a new pace and time alone.

Here are some points to consider before signing a lease or making an offer on a house to prevent nasty surprises concerning your dog.

Want to bring Fido along? The trick for doing so with complete peace of mind comes down to one word: planning.

And since your dog or cat is a full-fledged member of the family, you want to make sure they are part of it all as well.

Moving is a very stressful event for our pets, who see their universe being completely disrupted and can't understand what's going on.

Entertaining during the holidays can be stressful for us all, including our four-legged friends.

Summer has finally come and we are once again allowed to enjoy the great outdoors, provided we take certain precautions.

Are you looking for a fun getaway with your dog but aren't sure which places will welcome your pet?

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