When it comes to training, a good relationship with your animal relies on a healthy and positive communication.

Everything is so much easier when we understand each other!

What we call training has changed considerably in the past twenty to thirty years. As a matter of fact, we know so much more on the cognitive capacity of animals nowadays, on their emotions and the negative impact of punishment on their quality of life. Do you want to know more? Consult with your Passionimo veterinary team! They can help you make better use of positive reinforcement.

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How to positively introduce the crate to your animal.

Teaching a dog to greet guests politely without jumping on them is an essential part of their education.

Beaucoup d’émotions à l’horizon et de caresses à venir, mais avant tout ne voulons-nous pas que celui-ci apprenne les bonnes manières vis-à-vis de la propreté?

Choosing a qualified trainer is crucial. The training techniques used can impact your dog for the rest of their life, affecting the relationship you have with them.

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